Hair care during chemotherapy and radiotherapy

The preservation of your hair is important to us
We accompany you during oncological therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy

YELASAI is doing pioneer work. Specially trained Hair Active Experts can assist and accompany you for sensitive hair issues.

In collaboration with a German Cancer Center, our services offer to assist and accompany cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy where 100% hair loss is expected. In our extensive studies, we noted thinning to losing eyebrows and eyelashes as part of the side effects of chemotherapy. We specifically document and observe the course and the impact of chemotherapy on hair and scalp. On the course of continuous support and study, YELASAI and the company of Hair Active Experts have gained postive insights and good reviews. Good reviews includes services for hair and scalp care, hair regrowth before and after chemotherapy, and eyebrow and eyelash preservation

We understand that therapies are important in treating cancer and we also understand that many people are afraid of losing hair due to therapies and other medications that can cause it. That is why we guarantee to offer support and assistance to people suffering from hair loss no matter what caused it. 

Keeping the strength of your hair is now possible and achievable with us!

Certified Hair Active Expert are highly skilled and highly trained experts in managing and supporting hair loss problems of cancer patients.

Your Hair Active Expert will accompany you before, during and after oncologic therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and anti-hormone therapy. Let us advise you about your options, how to maintain your scalp, and help strengthen your hair by our care.



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How do you proceed?

1. You have to go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy

It is ideal to visit your Hair Active Expert 2 – 3 weeks prior to your therapy or best right after diagnosis. An appointment to avail our Ayurvedic scalp massage in combination with our hair activating care products, helps the scalp remain smooth and strong while facilitating the process of hair growth.

2. You already have hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Have you been suffering from hair loss during chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Your Hair Active Expert can advise and support you regarding hair regrowth during the course of your treatment.

3. Slow hair growth after chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Up to 5% of the cases, more hair loss and less hair regrowth is expected during the course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Your Hair Active Expert can support your natural hair regrowth.

4. Strong hair growth after chemotherapy but later subsides and occurrence of thinning and weakening of hair after 2-3 years

Did you have good and strong hair growth after chemotherapy but began to notice thinning and weakening of your hair few years later? Your Hair Active Expert will assist you with proper hair care to help restore fullness and vitality of your hair. 

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