Hair Active Experts

What is a Hair Active Expert?

A Hair Active Expert is an hair loss expert that specialises in YELASAI's natural methods of promoting hair growth and vitality. 

Our team of international experts support clients with a wide variety of hair loss concerns. Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, we use herbs and minerals that help to restore balance in the body and promote hair growth from the inside-out. 

The modern-day world can have a damaging effect on our hair. Stress, pollution, nutritional intake, medication, and genetics can causes imbalances in the body and impact follicle development. Our experts help to address the root causes of hair loss, rather than soley treat the symptoms. 

We are passionate about protecting hair and stive to promote longevity. Our network of experts uses a variety of methods and products to promote natural growth without the use of harmful synthetics, chemicals or invasive medications. 

A Hair Active Expert is an ambassador for YELASAI's natural hair growth principles. Our consultants provide a service to hundreds of clients a year, supporting with alopecia, long-term baldness, ageing hair, and hair loss caused by medication and chemotherapy. 

A growing team of consultants

When we first began in 2013, we shared our methods with a handful of local consultants. As more clients with hair loss concerns saw an increase in hair growth and fullness, salons across Europe approached us for our natural secrets. We now have a team of over 300 experts. 

Our network of consultants continues to grow as more clients experience the benefits of our natural service. As brand ambassadors for YELASAI, our experts offer a natural alternative to hair transplantations and conventional medications, in our partner salons across Europe. 

Our Methods

We use a combination of Swiss knowledge and ancient Ayurveda principles to encourage natural hair growth.

Unlike some abrasive medical hair loss treatments, our methods are gentle on the scalp. Our consultants use YELASAI's natural hair loss remedies, shampoos, and herbal masks in appointments to cleanse the scalp and fuel roots. 

We specialise in Ayurveda scalp massage, a form of Indian head massage, and use organic oils to stimulate the deepest layers of the skin. By combining head massage with growth tonics and shampoos, our experts have encouraged growth to scalps that have been bare for several years. 

Our experts can use a scalp camera to take a closer look at the state of the scalp. We also recomended maintainable care routines that help to promote continued growth at home. 

Our experts help clients with:

  • Receding Hairlines

  • Alopecia Areata – Circular hair loss

  • Alopecia Universalis – Total hair loss

  • Thinning hair

  • Dandruff and dry scalps

  • Greasy Hair

  • Hair loss brought on by the menopause or pregnancy

  • Hair loss caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • Breakage and split ends

  • Irregular or patchy beard growth

  • Brittle, thin or short eyelashes

  • Deficient growth of eyebrows

  • Baldness and bald spots

  • Hereditary hair loss

  • Male pattern baldness

  • Female pattern baldness

What to expect in your appointment:

In a consultation, your Hair Active Expert will talk about your hair concerns and analyse its current state. You can expect your hair loss consultant to explore the potential influences causing your hair loss, rather than diving straight in to treat the symptoms. Our experts may ask you what types of hair products you use, sensitively explore underlying conditions, and analyse your hair in microscopic detail with our scalp camera. 

An appointment with us is not your standard hairdressing experience. We offer a relaxing, reassuring, discreet and sensitive service for those experiencing hair loss. Our experts are also available for those wishing to indulge in regular scalp massage and hair maintenance. Our services stimulate growth, but also encourage hair to stay full and vital by using natural products of the highest quality.

How many appointments are required to support hair growth?

Every client is different depending on their induvial hair needs. For some, one appointment is enough to recommend a plan of action and explore natural hair care alternatives. For others, multiple scalp massage sessions will be beneficial to regularly stimulate blood flow.

Some clients see hair growth results within a matter of weeks. For long-standing hair loss, many clients also see new hair within a matter of months. We advise contacting your local expert to find out more about our services.

Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.