Solve your hair problem
now holistically and
Your Hair Active Expert advises and guides you
to beautiful, full and vital hair.
With respect, efficiency and
personal commitment we
accompany you to full and vital hair!
Your Gianni Coria
Today I have a good feeling again
- thanks to my Hair Active Expert
Strengthen your hair by
natural activation of your
own hair roots
Your Hair Active Expert in your area advises and
assists you to beautiful, full and vital hair.
Natural nutrition for skin and hair
Made in Switzerland

Finally the solution for hair problems
holistically – naturally – sustainably

How YELASAI® revitalizes scalp and hair and naturally promotes vital hair growth.

Gianni Coria analyzes the scalp by the special micro camera

Do you know this situation: You look in the mirror and the hair becomes less and less? Quite often one is frustrated and has problems to go out of home.

What can you do?

You’ve probably already tried a few things but are only moderately satisfied with the success. This lead me to develop a hair activating concept with own care products what stabilizes and promotes your hair growth in a natural way.

That you do not stand alone with your hair problem I have founded an international network of Hair Active Experts.
Thus, also in your area experts are available for your personal advice and support.

I wish you much joy with my holistic concept.

Your Gianni Coria

Gianni Coria - Erfinder des Haarwuchs-Spezialisten



I am a woman and I suffer from hair loss

Find support and assistance in thin hair, hair loss, dandruff up to circular hair loss or other hair problems.

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Stop hair loss in men

Causes and sustainable and efficient solution concept for your hair problem as receding hairline, hair loss, chaplet, bald as well as an alternative to or after hair transplantations.

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My child is affected by hair loss

Find out more about the reasons why your child is suffering from hair loss, as well as our natural and gentle support back to full head of hair.

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Scalp care with chemotherapy

You are about to get a chemotherapy, you are just in the middle of it or the therapy is already some time ago? We are at your side with our expertise to obtain or reactivate your vital and beautiful hair.

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Hair Active Expert Logo

Hair Active Expert – Experts for your full and vital hair

Our proven and holistic concept consists of ayurvedic-inspired hair care cosmetics for external application, Nutrition supplements for internal use and the gentle stimulation of meridian and acupressure points on the scalp (scalp massage). Even for hair problems that have persisted over a decadewe offer you natural and sustainable hair and scalp care solutions.
Due to natural active care of the scalp through proper and consistent cleaning and vitalisation, we provide together the best basis for strong and vital hair growth. Feel with your Hair Active Expert in good hands with any kind of hair problem.
Whether it is the discrete and personal advice, the relaxing scalp massage, the beneficial products applications or the professional analysis with the micro scalp camera: Your Hair Active Expert is there for you and will accompany you on your way to full and vital hair.

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YELASAI Produkte Familie

Our care products for your full and vital hair

With our natural care of the scalp through correct and consistent cleaning, nourishing and building up we create the optimal basis for your strong and vital hair growth. Discover our natural care range for hair and scalp balanced according to Ayurveda as shampoo, conditioner, spray, tonic, mask, scrub, oils and much more.
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What you can expect from YELASAI products

  • Natural and carefully selected ingredients, supplemented with natural fermented herbs
  • No synthetic fragrances, colorants and preservatives
  • No petroleum products like paraffin and mineral oil, parabens, silicones and PEG
  • No hormones, nanoparticles or animal experiments
  • Made in Switzerland

Coordinated to hair problems like hair loss, balding, greasy or dry scalp, dandruff and other we have selected efficient haircare sets for you.

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Discover our natural care range for hair and scalp made in Switzerland like shampoo, conditioner, tonic, mask, scrub, oils and many others

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Exquisite food supplement as CORIALITH, Moringa and BalanceBact to support vital hair, skin and nails.

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YELASAI Cosmetics

Fermented herbs – the important basis for our Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic and Ayurveda Body Active Neem Oil as well .

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Buy our products online with joy and have convenient home delivery

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